GW Deck Opens Studs Installation Company

Gardner-Watson Decking Inc., Oldsmar, Fla., announces the opening of its sister company, Gardner-Watson Studs, LLC. Launched in November 2019, Gardner-Watson Studs offers all-inclusive pricing for studs and installation.

“The two companies complement each other, enabling us to provide turnkey services for customers,” said Duke Perry, Vice President of Sales and Operations.

The company specializes in shooting bare beam, galvanized deck on composite construction, and deformed bar anchors. As a full-service provider, Gardner-Watson Studs includes generators, stud machines, and labor in its all-inclusive pricing.

“By providing these specialty services, erectors, fabricators and general contractors can look to Gardner-Watson to simplify construction processes by working with one source for deck and stud installation,” said Geoff Kress, Vice President.

Gardner-Watson Decking installs approximately 35,000,000 square feet of metal deck annually. “GWS has started off with a bang. In just a few short months, we have worked with nine different customers in 12 cities, and multiple projects. Our goal is to work well with the GC’s inspector, and ultimately the customer, to move the project along smoothly,” said Perry.

300 Scarlet Blvd.
Oldsmar, FL 34677
Phone: 813-891-9849
Fax: 813-891-4105

Duke Perry, VP of Sales/Operations